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Welcome to Empire Inspections and Appraisals, providing real estate appraiser services in New York.  With more than 25 combined years of experience in the appraiser business, Empire Inspection and Appraisals has a proven track record of reducing your valuable time, effort, and money spent managing the appraisal process in New York.

Empire’s knowledgeable property appraisers in New York give expert opinions on the value of a property, or what’s also known as “market value.” Our real estate appraisers are impartial and will determine the value of a home without being swayed either way by the lender or the buyer.

Our Real Estate Appraiser Service Areas in New York:

  • Real estate appraiser Orange County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Sullivan County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Ulster County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Rockland County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Dutchess County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Putnam County NY
  • Real estate appraiser Westchester County NY
  • Home appraiser westchester county ny
  • Home appraiser orange county ny
  • Home appraiser rockland county ny

Real Estate appraisal can help you determine the estimated market value of a property

For lenders, Empire’s real estate appraisers are their “eyes and ears,’’ making sure the bank isn’t making an unsound investment that will lose it money down the road.

For buyers, Empire’s property appraiser in New York protects them by making sure they aren’t paying more for a home that it is worth by comparing it to other recent sales and taking the current market into consideration. Real estate appraisals also give homeowners peace of mind about knowing the value of their property if they put their homes up for sale, or even if they believe their property taxes are assessed too high and are seeking a reduction.

In some cases, people get too excited about purchasing a new house and spend thousands of dollars extra in the purchase of an overpriced home. They forget that purchasing a new house or property is one of the biggest financial investments one will make in his or her lifetime, and they tend to just look at the cosmetic appeal of the house instead of the important factors which may cost them in future. Empire’s qualified appraisers in New York will arbitrate the real market value of the property and help you to save your hard-earned money by giving you an objective, impartial, and unbiased view about the value of the property you are willing to buy.

We provide specialty real estate appraisals in the following fields

  1. Form 1004 Single Family Home Appraisal
  2. 2-4 Multi-family Unit Appraisal
  3. Drive-by Appraisal
  4. Form 2055 Appraisal
  5. Condo Appraisal and Townhouse Appraisal
  6. Estate Appraisal
  7. Divorce Appraisal
  8. High-end Appraisal
  9. Waterfront Property Appraisal
  10. Appraisal for Selling a Home
  11. Appraisal for Buying a Home
  12. Market Value Appraisal
  13. FHA Appraisal

Form 1004 Single Family Home Appraisal

For appraisals of one-unit properties and units in PUDs (including those that have an illegal second unit or accessory apartment) based on interior and exterior property inspections. We can complete the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (Form 1004) for appraisals of one-unit properties and units in PUDs.

2-4 Multi-family Unit Appraisal

We can assist with appraisals for 2-4 multi-family unit properties. Our appraisers will guide you on how to analyze income and expenses and how this analysis is used in an appraisal of an income-producing property. Appropriate income methodologies and how the appraisal approaches apply to income-producing properties.

Drive-by Appraisal

Drive-by appraisals – sometimes called summary appraisals – are exterior inspections often used to document comparable listings or sales that are used in residential real estate appraisals by lenders.

Form 2055 Appraisal

We are able to assist with form 2055 appraisals, based on an exterior-only inspection of a single family detached, attached, planned unit development (PUD) property.

Condo Appraisal and Townhouse Appraisal

A Condominium Appraisal is designed to report on a unit in a condominium project or a condominium unit in a PUD (planned unit development). If you’re looking for assistance with an appraisal for your condo or your townhouse, we can help with that, too.

 Estate Appraisal

When an estate has a transfer of ownership, due to death or inheritance, a homeowner will typically need a real estate appraisal to demonstrate the worth of the estate. These are sometimes called “date of death” appraisals.

Divorce Appraisal

In the unfortunate case of divorce, a divorce appraisal will be needed to determine the value of real estate that will be part of a divorce property settlement.

High-end Appraisal

High-end property appraisals require the expertise associated with a luxury home. Our experts are ready to assist you.

Waterfront Property Appraisal

The added value that a waterfront property can provide needs to be properly quantified by a professional real estate appraiser for maximum impact.

Appraisal for Selling a Home

If you’re in the market to sell your home, understanding the worth of the property is critical in striking a deal. Only a professional real estate appraisal can position you properly.

Appraisal for Buying a Home

When purchasing a home, negotiations can hinge on a proper appraisal of the home. Our real estate appraisers can help you determine the exact market value of a home you are willing to purchase.

Market Value Appraisal

Market value appraisals are based on active property listings, pending sales, and sold properties in the area that impact the value of your home.

FHA Appraisal

If you’re planning on financing with an FHA mortgage, you will need an FHA appraisal completed. Our experienced home appraisers can complete an FHA appraisal for you.

Empire’s Real Estate Appraisers collect a series of statistics, facts, and other information regarding specific properties, analyze the data, and develop opinions of value of that property in the real estate market. We are proudly providing real estate appraiser services in the Hudson Valley, including all of Orange County and the surrounding areas, including Rockland County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Sullivan County, New York. We also offer nationwide desk review and reconciliation services.