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Factors That Affect If a Home Will Sell

Posted On: Mar 14, 2017

What Will Help My Home Sell in New YorkImagine you are all packed up and ready to move to your new home. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? But what happens if your current home isn’t selling? Nobody wants to be put in the position where there home is sitting on the market for what may feel like an eternity. Take a look at these key factors that can help predict how quickly your home will sell.


Price is the surest way to influence the time your home will sit on the market is price. If you are looking to make a quick sale, list your home at or below market value. Of course, if you don’t mind the wait, price it higher and take your chances. The best time for your property to get attention is in the first few days after it hits the market, so dropping the price after the fact may not be an effective tactic.


Your willingness to negotiate selling price will play a huge role in selling your home. Sellers can often be reluctant to accept a reduced offer, especially after deciding to list below market value. However, remember that buyers will almost always make an offer that is under the asking price. As long as the offer is solid, consider it carefully before just turning it down.


How Can I Help My Home Sell in New YorkBesides some curb appeal for drive-by visits, the next best thing you can do is ensuring the photos you use in your listing are stellar. Having great photos that showcase your home’s highlights and optimize the space can definitely affect the time your home may sit on the market. Think about the photos you would be attracted to if you were looking for a home. Listings using professional photography typically sell 50% faster than homes without professional photos.


How Can I Help My Home Sell in NYBefore hiring an agent, do your research. Choose an agent that is familiar with the area, and most importantly, has SOLD homes in the area. A good agent will let you know what to expect as far as a reasonable sell time, and be able to prep your home for sale and market it effectively.

Just remember, timing is everything and all good things take time. If your home is taking longer to sell than you originally anticipated, the best advice is to stay patient. Work with your agent and be realistic about the current market in your specific area. Best of luck!