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Home Inspection Spotlight: The Bathroom

Posted On: Mar 22, 2017

Home Inspection for Bathroom NYIt is always a smart move to hire a home inspector before deciding to purchase a home. A qualified inspector will be able to evaluate the entire home and identify any existing issues or help point out items that may become issues in the future. Although home inspectors are crucial to the home buying process, it is also important that you, as a potential buyer, know some key things to look for when walking through a home to determine if it worth taking the next steps. Below, we will explore one of the most important rooms of any home- the bathroom. Find out what you should be paying attention to:

Run the water:

Don’t be shy, turn on the shower and run the sink. Make sure you have a steady water flow and decent water pressure. This is also a great chance to make sure that water is draining properly so don’t be afraid to leave the water on for a while. Pay attention to the drains in the sinks and bathtubs.

Check for stains:

Stains on the floor around the sink and bathtub can indicate that there was or is a leak. Leaks, if left unattended to for too long, can do some serious damage so it is important to find out when the leak occurred and what corrective actions were taken.

Look under the sink:

Although you may feel a bit nosy, take a look at the plumbing under the sink. Check for any dripping water or any signs of water damage. Pay attention to any receptacles that may have been placed to catch any water.

Inspect the toilet:

This is a weird one, but if you are looking for a move-in-ready home this should be on your list. Start with flushing the toilet. Also, try wiggling the toilet. You should not be able to move it at all and you should not hear any noises when you try. If it moves or you hear some rattling, this is an indication that the toilet was not installed properly.

Check for fans:

Make sure the bathroom has a fan and that it functions properly. Turn it on and off a few times and make sure you don’t hear any strange noises or smell anything burning. Be sure to ask where the fan vents. Ideally, a bathroom fan will exhaust right to the outside of a home.

Next time you are walking through what you think may be your dream home, keep the above tips in mind! Best of luck- happy house hunting!