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Unique Features that Boost Home Value

Posted On: Dec 13, 2016

If you are thinking about listing your home in the near future, it is important to know what current homebuyers are looking for. Obviously, different generations place priority on different selling features, but certain features of a home will please almost every buyer in the market. How many of these features are in your home?

Upgraded kitchen:

Features Boost Home Value Appraisal New YorkThe kitchen is the heart of the home. A modern, updated kitchen tops the list of ideal home features for just about every buyer.  Fresh cabinetry, counters, and flooring make a huge impact on a buyer’s decision. Buyers are looking for new light fixtures, easy-to-clean flooring, stainless steel appliances, and low-maintenance countertops.

Flexible floor plan:

Features Boost Home Value Appraisal New YorkBigger is not always better. Open floor plans that maximize living space are more important to buyers than floor plans that are walled off into segregated rooms. Today’s buyer is looking for large, spacious areas ideal for gathering with family and entertaining. Finished basements and kitchens that open up into a larger living space are highly sought.

Modern luxuries:

Consider it a huge bonus if your home is equipped with a central air system, a dedicated laundry room with a matching washer/dryer set, a dishwasher, and outfitted closets. Modern conveniences that save time, energy, or money and improve quality of life are important to potential buyers.

Energy Efficiency:

Features Boost Home Value Appraisal New YorkA lower energy bill will make life easier for the many years to come in a new home, and is sure to impress a buyer. High-efficiency windows, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances will lower your monthly energy bill and attract a conscientious buyer.

If your home has any or all of these features, kudos! If not, consider these features the next time you decide to invest in your home.